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Developed over two half day (4 hour) sessions with 5 – 8 key staff (maximum of 12 staff) that are stakeholders in the introduction of values – for example, senior manager, department heads, supervisory staff and one or two general staff members.

The purpose of the sessions is to identify approximately 6 core values for the business:

  • The word that represents the value – session 1

  • The definition for each of those values – session 1

  • What we want to see/hear in terms of behaviour around the office to represent ‘how we do things around here?’ – session 2

During session 1 we will:

  • Introduction and overview of how the workshop will run

  • Discussion about current issues in terms of the culture of the business and ‘how we do things around here’

  • What sort of culture we are looking to establish?

  • Discuss how the values can be used in the business to ensure they permeate all aspects of the employment life cycle

  • Brainstorm of behaviour we want in our business

  • Identify potential words to represent the values and agree final set

  • Decide if we want those words to be an acronym or not

  • Define each value

During session 2 we will:

  • Develop the positive and negative examples for each of the values.

  • Discuss the running of the staff focus groups and the launch process

This session would usually be a short time after session 1 to allow time for reflection and preparation for the second session.

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